Nate making kimchi on the floor with his Korean family
Preparing a year’s worth of kimchi with the Korean family

Goseong Guy (Nate) first came to Goseong in March of 2018. He has mostly been living there ever since.

My name is Nate. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio in the USA.

I met my wife in 2014 on a business trip to Korea. We got married in Korea in January 2019 and had our son Noah in February of 2020.

I have a background in electrical engineering, software development and teaching English. I enjoy helping people optimize websites and software and have created

Wedding photo at cliffside
Wedding photo taken in Goseong

We even took our wedding photos here in Goseong! I have an article about Sangjogam Park in my blog where these were taken.

I play drums and guitar and enjoy metal detecting, fishing, hiking, camping, and other outdoor stuff.

Travel was a huge part of my life before starting a family and COVID, though I don’t love it any less. I previously worked in China and Mexico. Photography pairs nicely with travel, and while I don’t have any special gear, I have been getting more into it. For a time I was a journalist for the town’s official social media blog.

I love to share travel experiences and talk about things that are timeless.

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