A sofa at An Café overlooking a coastal view with a bridge and mountains

An Café – Another Coastal Escape

Address: 605, Oesan-ro, Donghae-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gyeongnam

An Café is another beautiful coastal place to hang out. It has soft couches with stuffed animals, and what I remember to be nice coffee.

A sunset over the mountains at coastal An Café in Goseong, South Korea

An Café is just down the street from Nessun Dorma Café. An Café is not quite as large, but not worse in any way. The first floor is a single row of couches along a window with a sea view.

The front of An Café against a mountainous background

Baby Noah enjoyed the stuffed animals on the couches.

This cake “말렌카 살구 허니 케익” I believe translates to “medovik”, which is made with honey, condensed milk, and smetana, a type of sour cream. It originated in Europe.

A piece of multi-layered cake with a piece of dried fruit on top

The second floor has more couches.

An orange couch by the window on the second floor of An Café in Goseong overlooking the sea and mountains

The other side of the orange bridge is actually Jinjeong in Masan.

The water is nice and clear in the winter especially, because there is little rain.

A person sitting at a table next to aqua water seen from above

You can enjoy a sea breeze and sit outside.

Tables and chairs outside along the water and mountains

As with Nessun Dorma, An Café is a bit away from the central Goseong areas, but it could be a nice escape especially if coming from the Masan area.

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