People walking around grassy Songhakdong tomb site on a sunny day with beautiful clouds

Ancient Songhakdong Tombs from the Sogaya Kingdom

Address: 470, Songhak-ri, Goseong-eup, Goseong-gun, Gyeongnam

Goseong was the capital of the Sogaya Kingdom which existed from AD 42 to AD 562. Their tombs remain today downtown in Songhakdong.

A walking trail running along the edge of a tomb bordering the city

This is truly a photogenic area, and I highly recommend checking out this unique attraction should you decide to visit Goseong!

People walking along Songhakdong tombs and someone with a kite

Although they are tomb sites, they are a popular place for people of all ages to gather for picnics and activities such as frisbee or flying a kite. The walking trails run up and down and all around the tombs, so it’s good exercise to walk up and down the elevation changes.

This site in Songhakdong has seven tombs. There are six small tombs surrounding one larger tomb. Walking trails run along the tombs.

Walking trails among the green tombs on a cloudy day

While the largest cluster of the tombs is this site of seven tombs, there are other smaller tombs scattered throughout the city, arguably within walking distance. This map shows the locations of five tomb sites throughout the city, with the cluster of seven labeled as #1 in the center.

Aerial view of Goseong showing locations of various tomb sites

Here is one of the smaller sister tombs next to a church and someone’s private garden.

Smaller tomb with a signpost in front and a church behind it

Here is a closeup of the signpost next to the smaller tomb.

Closeup of signpost with wooden frame next to smaller tomb

This interesting rock served as a prehistoric tomb. It is currently on the same site as the cluster of seven tombs, as you can see in the background, but it was originally discovered in a rice field in Namhae (about 1 hour away by car).

Prehistoric rock tomb on the grass with the large cluster of Songhakdong tombs in the background on a cloudy day

Here is a closeup of the signpost next to the rock tomb.

Closeup of signpost next to prehistoric rock tomb in both English and Korean

Of course, as with many Korean recreational and general gathering areas, you can find exercise equipment and stretch while viewing the seven tombs.

A row of exercise machines in the grass in front of the Songhakdong tomb cluster

They do help stretch your body.

A row of exercise machines in the grass next to a cluster of trees and benches

This place produces interesting imagery no matter the time of year. Here is a shot from the fall.

People picnicking in Songhakdong in the fall with brown grass everywhere on a sunny day

The museum near the tombs gives you a look inside the tombs and displays relics and information about not only the tombs themselves but recovered artifacts from long ago in Goseong and how people lived throughout history.

Museum building and parking lot on a cloudy day

I recommend having a look inside the museum to get a deeper understanding of the area and to discover how the tombs were built and the depth of history that Goseong possesses.

Another thing to mention is the annual festival held here every year. We went as a family in the fall of 2020, but there was not much going on due to the circumstances of the virus and whatnot. Still, it was nice to be there on a day that is recognized by many people in Goseong. There were still plenty of tents lined up.

Tents lined up along the road for a festival

Across the street from the tomb cluster they had some interesting handmade art in the form of scarecrow-like figures. Some of them were cartoon characters, and some were made to look like people doing various jobs.

Handmade scarecrow-like figures lined up along the sidewalk for the festival
Handmade scarecrow-like figures lined up along the sidewalk for the festival

And if you haven’t had enough walking yet, there is also a path that starts from this sidewalk and runs away from the road in between the rice fields. It’s quite peaceful. At this time they had put up along the fence some photos of the areas around Goseong.

Path along some brown fields with pictures on the fence along the path at sunset

Anyway, the Songhakdong tombs have to be one of the most unique, if not the most unique area in Goseong! Do stop by to get a good walk in or at least snap a few remarkable photos if you’re in the area.

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