A spiral staircase at Café Zaha in Goseong, South Korea

New Café Zaha Across from Dinosaur Expo Theme Park

Address: 6, Bongdong 6-gil, Hoehwa-myeon, Goseong-gun

Café Zaha recently opened right across from the Dinosaur Expo Theme Park. It has a bunch of pastries and spiral stairs leading to a rooftop.

The building is curved around a circular area.

Noah found mommy through the glass.

A woman on a sofa waving through the glass in a café

There are a number of pastries including macarons.

Pastries along a window with a white curtain

Noah was happy to sit and chow down on some snacks, including some pumpkin bread I think it was that we bought. The staff even gave him a pouch of fruit juice.

Noah sitting on a bench with a snack in a café

A spiral flight of concrete stairs leads to a second floor and a rooftop.

A spiral flight of concrete stairs

The second floor has a bunch of soft sofas.

Soft sofa seating on the second floor of Café Zaha with dangling spherical lights

The view from the rooftop at one end overlooks rural rice fields and mountains.

A concrete frame on a rooftop overlooking rice farms and mountains in Goseong, South Korea

Noah and I followed the curved shape to the other end which faces the parking lot for the Goseong Dinosaur Expo Theme Park.

Café Zaha has a cool seating area along the front window. There are a bunch of random things to sit on, such as crates covered in stickers of various logos.

Seating on steps facing a large front window in Café Zaha

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