The Camellia Coffee Botanical Garden full of various plants and seating areas within a greenhouse

Amazing New Café: Camellia Coffee Botanical Garden

Address: 921 Wonsan-ri, Dosan-myeon, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Camellia Coffee, full of coffee plants and tropical fruits, opened this month, and it’s super cool. You can even dangle your feet in cold water!

UPDATE: This place now has a ₩10,000 admission cost and includes a free drink.

Clusters of bananas growing near an area of cold water along rocks

This café is just outside the border of Goseong in Tongyeong, but it was too cool to not post about.

When you first walk in, it looks like a normal café, though still very nice.

Interior of Camellia Coffee with tables and wooden logs overhead with dangling lights

However when you enter the greenhouse area, it opens up into a new world.

Entering a new world in the botanical garden with vines growing along a corridor on the right and an area of concrete with a single tree at the end

There is an open space of concrete with a rectangular section of sand in the middle with one small tree at the end.

A concrete area inside the greenhouse with a rectangular section of sand in the middle and a single tree at the end

The vines on the right grow over a corridor of swinging benches and other seats.

Swinging benches down a corridor of seats all covered under vines

It is sort of a romantic atmosphere.

Items on a table under the vines

It seems like the concrete area is set up to have heaters during cold weather.

A cut out area in the concrete area for seating

Around the corner, the greenhouse of Camellia Coffee Botanical Garden opens up into a wide assortment of tropical fruits growing. Here you can see pineapple fruit.

Pineapple and other subtropical fruits growing in the greenhouse

The area is around 4000 square meters, and there are plenty of areas to have a seat among the coffee plants and other trees and growth.

Seating among the coffee plants and other trees and growth in the greenhouse

It is quite peaceful.

Sunlight shining on a swinging bench among plants in the greenhouse

There are tons of coffee berries growing here.

Coffee berries growing on plants in the greenhouse

There is a stream of cold water that runs across the greenhouse.

A stream going across the greenhouse bordered by rocks

The water comes down a little waterfall into a small pool with some big fish.


People sitting at tables along a window with mountains nearby

You’ll be driving down country roads when you come here!

Driving down a country road between greenhouses and crop fields with mountains in the background

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