& White Café and Restaurant

Coastal Italian Restaurant and Dessert Cafe “& White”

Address: 580, Oesan-ro, Donghae-myeon, Goseong-gun

The dessert café “& White” is like a fusion of a traditional teahouse, a dessert café, and an Italian restaurant, all with a coastal view.

An outdoor garden with a sunset sea and mountain view at & White Café in Goseong, Gyeongnam, Korea

Here I drank goji tea, or 구기자 pronounced “googey” in Korean. It is a healthy tea with a very mild taste and a slight earthy flavor like barley tea.

Goji tea in a glass

The goji is a berry that some consider a superfood. Had I known they are sometimes eaten raw, I think I would have totally tried to eat them after letting them seep in the water. They look like raisins are apparently are sometimes eaten dried like raisins too.

Goji berries in a glass after seeping in hot water

Aside from a bunch of healthy traditional tea, & White also features oven-grilled pizza and vegetables, yeast garlic bread, waffle, churros, and wine.

Flower tea menu for & White Italian Restaurant and Café in Korea
Flower tea menu

The interior is filled with all kinds of interesting things, including the white upright bass (or cello?) across from the oven.

Oven next to white cello and café décor

Many of the tables are carved out of wood, including one table that appears to be from a single stump.

A table carved from a stump

Most of the seating is along the window with a view of the sea and mountains.

Carved wooden tables along windows with sea view

The weather was misty and rainy on one of the days I visited.

Tables along windows at & White Café on a misty, rainy day

Right next-door is a pension built with a traditional look.

A Korean traditional style building

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