Crepe Lion couches and windows with plants and a Santa decoration

Crepe Lion – Crepes & Crepe Cakes in Goseong Sports Park

Address: 123-4, Gyosa 4-gil, Goseong-eup, Goseong-gun

Yummy crepes and crepe cakes were a welcome addition to Goseong in the form of Crepe Lion’s branch opening here in Goseong Sports Park.

Prices went up since opening but at least they are pretty tasty, with variations including nutella, banana and peanut butter, red bean (of course), etc. There are other bakery items as well including chestnut bread.

Crepe Lion is located up on a hill along the Goseong Sports Park.

The Crepe Lion café building behind a flowering bush

A lot of athletes come in here after their practice or games.

A tray of crepes and coffee with a view of the Goseong Sports Park

The rooftop view shows mountains beyond the Sports Park, and father into Goseong or beyond.

The rooftop view at Crepe Lion of the Goseong Sports Park and mountains beyond

It is nice and roomy on the second floor, where the furniture changed often when I was in Goseong.

There is a little balcony facing a small yard below, surrounded by some trees.

Crepe Lion balcony on the second floor

The little yard has a swinging bench.

Small yard at entrance to Crepe Lion on a sunny day

It is a nice place close to the Goseong town center where you can be outdoors with more space than on a storefront along the street.

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