Large table at Dal Café near window lined with small potted plants featured

Dal Café Serving Western Food and Health Tea

Address: 69, Dongoe-ro 168beon-gil, Goseong-eup, Goseong-gun, Gyeongnam

Dal Café is nicely decorated with various cacti and small plants, giving it a relaxing atmosphere. A mountainous view from the window shows downtown Goseong.

Table near window lined with small potted plants

Downtown Goseong is west of the café. Peaceful instrumental music is sometimes played during the day. I love to come when I can enjoy the view, and around sunset the sky can look nice.

At other times, it can get noisy, as Dal Café serves meals too. This includes alcohol and expensive Western food. The café is open until 12am Thursday – Saturday.

Menu of Dal Café

Aside from serving Western food, they have a selection of health tea available. I tried a ginseng drink once. It was pretty milky but definitely interesting.

Glass of ginseng milky tea on a table

The air feels so fresh with all the plants around, and usually I notice a humidifier misting the room.

Interior of the café with some trees and plants
Interior of the café with some trees and plants

Around the corner inside the café is large table for groups. It’s right up along a large window overlooking a rice field, downtown Goseong, and a mountainous background.

View out of the cacti-lined window of rice fields and downtown Goseong with a mountainous background and snowflake decorations
Large tables for groups against a yellow wall

Dal café is on the third floor of the building with a convenience store at the bottom. A parking lot is right next to the building, and visitors to the café may park there.

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