Dalgotjeongwon Café Featured

Dalgotjeongwon “Moonflower Garden Café” Opens Today, June 11, 2021 in Goseong

Address: 5, Jungang-ro, Goseong-eup, Goseong-gun, Gyeongnam

Today is opening day for Dalgotjeongwon Café.

Dalgotjeongwon is a pretty café in a brick building with a nice grassy area of flowers, trees, and a picnic table outside.

Flowers arranged in trays outside on the front porch along a large window with a white curtain and lights

It was raining this morning when I arrived, which I’m sure the plants enjoyed as it hasn’t rained very much lately.

There is a parking lot in the back of the café. A stone pathway in the grass leads to the front entrance.

A stone pathway in the grass leading to the front entrance of Dalgotjeongwon Café

The interior is clean with white curtains and a modern design of light fixtures.

In addition to the tables on the first floor, there is also a meeting room down the hall past the restrooms.

I had a cup of hand drip Americano for ₩3,500. It was pretty good.

A cup of coffee in a red mug on a table with a plate of a rice snack and cherry tomatoes

On another visit my wife and I had bingsu, a common Korean dessert of shaved ice with various toppings, in this case, red bean, grain powder, and cinnamon with condensed milk. It was ₩9,000, but it was quite delicious for me with the cinnamon.

A bowl of pat-bingsu on a table with toppings of red bean, grain powder, and cinnamon

Some older classic music was playing, which was a fun change from the typical pop music.

The picnic table looks like a nice way to enjoy a cool summer night. I guess they might add more.

I like the atmosphere at night at Dalgotjeongwon Café.

A fence with light posts along the front of Dalgotjeongwon Café at night
A purple and white sign for Dalgotjeongwon Café lit up at night over an iron gate and brick archway

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