Front door and porch of Dupoli Café

Dupoli Café on a Mountain Road

Address: 61, Dupo 5-gil, Samsan-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gyeongnam

Dupoli Café is up on a mountain road. It has a nice deck and grassy yard.

People sitting at tables covered by umbrellas on an outdoor patio overlooking a view of the sea and mountains

The cookies are pretty good, and Noah thought so too.

Baby Noah reaching for a cookie on a deck
October 13, 2021

Dupoli Café is about 15 minutes from the town center, so it is not too far to make a separate visit to. This could be a stop on the way to Solseom Island or even the Dinosaur Museum and footprints at Sangjogam.

A sign and railing on the rooftop of Dupoli Café

The interior has some comfy sofas.

The yard makes it feel like a village café because, well, it kind of is.

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