Nate drinking a glass of coffee at Geulibom Café and art gallery

Enjoy Siphon Coffee in a Wine Glass at Geulibom Art Gallery & Café

Address: 2195-28, Namhaean-daero, Goseong-eup, Goseong-gun, Gyeongnam

Watching the “siphon coffee” rise and fall over the flames is part of the experience at Geulibom Art Gallery and Café!

This place is quite unique in that it has a constant rotation of beautiful and intriguing art of various forms, but it also features coffee served hot from a siphon in a glass.

Row of coffee jars and various items on a shelf

To make this coffee, the process begins with heating water in the lower chamber over a flame.

The first step of the process in preparing the siphon coffee by placing the coffee grounds and water inside the glasses and lighting the flame

As the water boils, it rises through a siphon into the coffee chamber.

A siphon filled with coffee grounds while the boiling water in a lower glass chamber begins to rise through the siphon

As the coffee cools, it flows back into the lower chamber bowl through the siphon, and it’s ready to drink in a wine glass!

A siphon filled with hot coffee sinking back down into a lower glass chamber

I must give an honorable mention to the jujube tea here as well. It’s very healthy!

The main café room in Geulibom consists of a long wooden table and a few smaller tables, with various items and piece of art scattered around the walls.

A table and chairs next to a staircase decorated with pictures and items of art with a potted tree growing at the base

The second floor is closed to customers, but the art gallery room on the first floor is filled with many paintings and items on the walls to enjoy.

Even below the counter outside the studio, you can find all sorts of interesting items that are decorating the place.

Some tiny items from other countries used as décor on some small shelves

It’s fun to visit Geulibom over time to see the progression of projects and to enjoy new pieces on display. The owners are also very nice themselves.

Nate drinking coffee from the siphon in a wine glass

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