Googjeong Café view from second floor balcony featured

New GoOgJeong Café in Goseong with Delicious Coffee and Balcony Near the Sea

Address: 54-7, Dangdong 5-gil, Georyu-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gyeongnam

GoOgJeong Café opened May 21st, 2021. The interior design is very sleek, the coffee excellent, and the 2nd floor balcony spacious with a nice view!

A driveway along the sea leads to the café. Park right next to the café, or else more space can be found near a pavilion around the side or near a little park area just down the street.

A long driveway along the sea surrounded by mountains

The entrance to the building is up the stairs on the right. The benches outside are illuminated nicely in the evening.

A few stairs leading to the entrance of Googjeong Café with lights illuminating benches outside along a window in the evening

Or if you’re approaching from the other side, walk through the archway of flowering plants, with an absolutely fantastic smell.

Stone building of Googjeong Cafe next to an archway of beautifully smelling flowers

The entrance to Googjeong Café is near the flowery archway.

The entrance to the café near the archway with a sign illuminated on a wall and traditional roof on the building

The traditional style roof is cool, isn’t it?

Traditional style roof of the café with benches illuminated in the evening

Ok, let’s get inside already. The interior is very clean and sleek everywhere.

Seating such as cube stools and chairs along the window with a view of the water

A row of pastries is in the middle of the first floor. We chose a chocolate cookie with pecans. There are also a variety of cakes to choose from.

There are many nice seating options along the windows.

View of the sea and mountains out a window on the first floor with cushion seats

The chocolate pecan cookie was soft and pretty good. The coffee was very good, with a strong and bold flavor.

A tray of hot coffee, iced coffee, and a chocolate pecan cookie

We went up to the outdoor area on the second floor.

The second floor balcony has benches and overlooks the water and mountains

Noah was quick to explore the area.

Baby Noah exploring the second floor by walking between the benches and wall with long shadows cast by the setting sun and a mountainous background

Googjeong Café also has a third level.

A third level balcony of Googjeong Café with a glass wall above the second level

It was so comfortable outside.

View from third level balcony from behind the glass wall

The place glows at night.

People sitting outside under the lights outside the café along with window

We look forward to coming back here!

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