Multi-colored waves of tulips with a wooden swing

Mesmerizing Sea of Tulips and Local Plant Experiments – Goseong Agricultural Technology Center

Address: 2829-60, Namhaean-daero, Goseong-eup, Goseong-gun, Gyeongnam

It’s now spring, which is the perfect time to surround yourself and your family in waves of colorful tulips at the Goseong Agricultural Technology Center!

Nate and Alice and Noah standing among various colors of tulips in front of some greenhouses

Tulip Garden and Pond

You can enter the tulip garden from several entrances around the perimeter, including this lattice-style structure.

Lattice-style entrance to the tulip garden at Goseong Agricultural Technology Center

We came here with Noah and took a stroll through the tulips surrounding the small pond is in the middle.

Rows of different colors of tulips around a small pond with a mountainous background

A grassy path leads to the other side of the garden. Some wooden swings are positioned with a nice view of the garden, overlooking the tulips and the pond with the mountains in the background.

I watched many kids skipping along the rocks across the pond.

Kids skipping across the rocks in a pond with a small bonsai tree in the middle

The little bonsai tree in the middle of the pond is neat.

Bonsai tree in the middle of the pond with rocks across the pond and Mt. Georyusan in the background

The mountain in the background is Georyusan, which is an amazing hike and my favorite in Goseong. The peak is 570 meters or 1870 feet, and it contains remains of an ancient fortress built in the 10th century up near the peak. I have an article and video about my favorite hike in Goseong at Georyusan and the Goseong Fortress Wall.

The far side of the garden has a tall scarecrow, which seems to fittingly reflect the emphasis of agriculture in Goseong, which is a rural community.

Some of the flowers seem like a kind of clover. The colors are so vibrant, especially with direct sunlight reflecting off the white, that they even felt blinding!

The mixture of colorful clover and tulips was quite nice.

Red tulips sprinkled in a bed of white clover with a large scarecrow statue in the background

This garden is just one part of the Goseong Agricultural Technology Center. It also has an Edible Flower Garden, Healing Herb Garden, Folk Crop Garden, and others.

Goseong Agricultural Technology Center map on a signpost
  1. Healing Herb Garden
  2. Native Botanical Garden
  3. Folk Crop Garden
  4. Edible Flower Garden
  5. Hibiscus Garden
  6. Rose Garden
  7. Package Testing and Research
  8. Central Photo Zone
  9. Lawn Study Center

We had a look at the Healing Herb Garden.

Healing Herb Garden

The Healing Herb garden is on the other side of a traditional style wall along the tulip garden. It consists of plans used in traditional Korean medicine. Although on this visit, it seems most of the plants are still emerging as the weather gets warmer and closer to summer.

Still, Noah wanted to have a closer look.

It was interesting to learn a little about the types of plants that are helpful for certain functions or organs of the human body.

Map of the healing herb garden with the each row labeled and a diagram of the body

This little pavilion connects the Healing Herb garden and the garden with the pond and tulips.

Woman sitting under a pavilion connecting the tulip garden to the healing herb garden

Experimental Orchard

Another section of the Goseong Agricultural Technology Center, outside of the garden areas, is a section of 22 species of fruit trees according to the diagram below.

Diagram of the experimental orchard

These trees are being specially cared for in efforts to preserve the traditional species of the area, but they are also experimenting with creating and inventing better varieties of fruit trees, with an emphasis on those that have been farmed over generations in this area.

This flowering tree is a kind of wild peach.


There are so many different kinds of interesting plants in the greenhouses here. These include tropical fruits and plants one would not expect to find in Korea.

Here is some aloe growing.

Rows of aloe growing inside a greenhouse

And this plant is passion fruit.

Passion fruit growing in a greenhouse

These pictures inside the greenhouses were taken from a visit in May of 2020, but they were not open during our weekend visit in April of 2021. Perhaps they are open on weekdays or a bit later in the year.

Greenhouses next to a garden at sunset with a mountainous background

Agricultural Center

The office building for the Goseong Agricultural Technology Center is behind the gardens and greenhouses.

The office building of the Goseong Agricultural Technology Center

The area around it is also landscaped quite nicely.

I hope you get a chance to make it out to the Goseong Agricultural Technology Center while all these flowers are in bloom and to learn a little about the role of various plants in the lives of Koreans living here!

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