Sunset at Baegse Park

Kakao Maps: 경남 고성군 고성읍 수남리 511-55

Baegse Park, located at Sunam Reservoir, is a fun and beautiful kid-friendly park with a bird watching station, playground, and dinosaur play garden. A bike path goes alongside the park which is part of the Daedok Nurigil trekking trail. It connects to Galmobong Forest Bathing area about 6 or 7 km away.


Solseom Island's beach and rocky shore

Kakao Maps: 경남 고성군 하일면 송천리 198

We discovered Solseom Island this spring, and actually missed many of the flowers. But we enjoyed a nice walk around the island and rocky shore. It also has a beach. A set of stairs took us up, where we could loop around the whole island. We could easily walk around it in a fairly short amount of time.


Walking in dinosaur footprints on rockbed

Kakao Maps: 경남 고성군 하이면 덕명리 50-1

Put your own foot into a dinosaur footprint in its original location. Dinosaur footprints are just one reason to go to Sangjogam Park. My wife and I felt it was beautiful enough for our wedding photos. The Goseong Dinosaur Museum is also here.


Nate and Alice with Noah standing between two rows of trees at Grace Garden

Kakao Maps: 경남 고성군 상리면 삼상로 1312-71

Grace Garden just opened in 2020. This is a great place for a leisurely stroll among different colors and varieties of hydrangea flowers. It’s elevated near the mountains and well-shaded, so it’s a nice place to go on a hot summer day.


Small pavilion in the middle of a pond with trees growing over the water

Kakao Maps: 경남 고성군 마암면 장산리 230-2

I love how peaceful it is at Jangsan Forest. Said to be created 600 years ago, it’s a great place to detach from the business of life. Although the location is quiet and rural, it’s still quite accessible by car. A few Korean dramas broadcasted on KBS were filmed here.


View at top of Namsan Park of islands and mountains

Kakao Maps: 경남 고성군 고성읍 수남리 274

I used to walk or run to Namsan Park almost every day for a while. That was when I was living close to the park, but I still love coming here either alone or with my family. There are various trails with a nice view and pavilion at the top, and almost always some flowering plants to admire.


Georyusan Mountain Fortress Wall

Kakao Maps: 경남 고성군 거류면 거산리 산 45

Georyusan’s peak boasts a completely unobstructed, gorgeous view, and around the peak are remains of an ancient fortress wall built in the 10th century. A scenic, exercise-inducing hike, combined with a bit of history and culture make for an excellent outing in Goseong’s Georyusan!


Byeogbangsan Mountain with Nate standing next to rock structures

Kakao Maps: 경남 고성군 거류면 은월리 산 121

Byeogbangsan’s view shows many Tongyeong islands, in addition to Goseong. Handmade rock structures and an old wall in a bamboo forest are near the peak. It is also well-connected to many other trails and peaks in the area. The mountain itself is the border between Goseong and Tongyeong.


Light shining through tall trees at Galmobang forest

Kakao Maps: 경남 고성군 고성읍 이당리 592

Whether you want to enjoy a good hike, a day out with the tent, a picnic, or take kids out to experience nature at a playground in the mountains, you can come “forest bathe” at Galmobong Forest!


Daega Reservoir at sunset with still waters against mountains

Kakao Maps: 경남 고성군 대가면 유흥리 304

Unlike Sangri Lotus park, Daega Reservoir has more paved areas and more opportunities for sitting down, using the exercise equipment, and a larger area to walk. I like to stargaze here at night.


Goseong Ecology Learning Center in the background with the paths running through the lotus and lily ponds in the foreground

Kakao Maps: 경남 고성군 고성읍 송학리 134-1

A great place to walk around outside when the aquatic plants are blooming, with a pavilion atop a staircase in the center. Lots of fish of all sizes and colors, and even sharks to see, all for free. One of my favorite places in Goseong.


A boardwalk near Haejigae Bridge with the moon shining above lit up trees at night

Kakao Maps: 경남 고성군 고성읍 신월리 산 10-7

Haejigae Bridge is part of a boardwalk along the sea which lights up beautifully at night. It starts at a small island by Namsan Park. I also love to sit here at night. In this scene the moon shines over the changing colors of the lights along the boardwalk.


Sangri Lotus Park parks card

Kakao Maps: 경남 고성군 상리면 척번정리 125-4

Sangri Lotus Park is a beautifully rural lotus and lily park surrounded by mountains. You can walk across the pond and see giant lily pads. What’s great about this place is how close you can get to the blossoms, either from the stepping stones that run across the pond, or along the perimeter.


Manhwabangcho parks card

Kakao Maps: 경남 고성군 거류면 은황길 82-91

Manhwabangcho is known for its colorful hydrangea flowers and various gardens. It’s up in the mountains with a cool tree growing next to green tea. It is a nice forest environment with trails and some well-arranged gardens.


Yeonhwasan Provincial Park

Kakao Maps: 경상남도 고성군 개천면 연화산1로 544

Yeonhwasan Provincial Park contains several peaks in a scenic, rural area. There are dinosaur footprints, caves, forests, a famous temple, and hiking trails around various peaks.


Jwaisan Park Card

Kakao Maps: 경남 고성군 하일면 송천리 산 52-4

Jwaisan Mountain has remains of a beacon station used during the Joseon Dynasty. It received a signal from Geoje and sent the signal to Sacheon.


Eom Hong Gil Museum Park Card

Kakao Maps: 경남 고성군 거류면 거류로 335

This museum and park is dedicated to Eom Hong Gil, a Goseong Native, who climbed Mt. Everest 3 times! There is a nice playground in the back of the museum with hammocks and netted climbing areas.


Gujeolsan Park Card

Kakao Maps: 경남 고성군 동해면 외곡리 산 51

See a beautiful view from Gujeolsan Mountain with the water wrapping around. You can also walk across a suspension bridge over waterfalls.


Wolgok Village Park Card

Kakao Maps: 경남 고성군 개천면 좌연1길 256-8

The entrance to Wolgok Village is up along Yeonhwasan Mountain and a reservoir. A field of dappsari plants turns from green to red in autumn. A nice boardwalk runs along the edge between the calm reservoir and field.


Dinosaure Theme Park and World Expo Card

Kakao Maps: (52915) 경남 고성군 회화면 당항만로 1116(봉동리 950-1번지)

The Goseong Dinosaur Theme Park hosts the Goseong Dinosaur World Expo. Experiencing the Goseong Dinosaur Theme Park and Museum is a must to properly visit and learn about what makes Goseong special!


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