Family standing between rows of trees and flowers

Grace Garden and the Hydrangeas

Address: 1312-71, Samsang-ro, Sangni-myeon, Goseong-gun

Grace Garden just opened in 2020. This is a great place for a leisurely stroll among different colors and varieties of hydrangea flowers.

We quickly came upon multiple colors of hydrangeas right after parking.

White and blue hydrangeas along the driveway

Last we knew, the admission rates were:

  • Adults: ₩5,000
  • Students and seniors: ₩4,000
  • Children: ₩3,000

After parking and walking up the concrete incline, there is a small café at the junction of a few paths. We started down the alley of circular stepping stones with tall trees on both sides, interspersed with hydrangeas.

A family standing down a path of circular stones between a row of trees and a row of hydrangeas

We didn’t notice any particular route to follow, so we just explored at will.

Pink and blue hydrangeas along the walkway
Rows of trees and blue hydrangea flowers along the walkway

Eventually we found ourselves at a church in the middle of the garden, which we believe helped to make this garden available to visitors.

Church at Grace Garden with stairs leading to the entrance

Later we also came across a stone stairway which seemed like a nice photo opportunity.

Family sitting together on the stone stairway

It’s interesting to see the different shapes and colors of the hydrangea flowers.

Blue hydrangea flowers
Family selfie along the roadway with blue hydrangeas
Multiple colors of hydrangea flowers growing together

If you visit in the summer, you’ll likely enjoy the fact that this place is a bit elevated in higher terrain and well-shaded.

Couple walking down mountain garden road with a view of nearby mountainous terrain
A stone pathway between palm trees in the mountains

As an insect enthusiast, I saw a few specimens that intrigued me, much more than my wife. I do enjoy this aspect of a rather rural location.

The above photos were taken in July of 2020. I returned here in September 2021, after the flowers had all bloomed.

There are many paths along the mountain. I followed some of them and got quite the workout. My legs were burning walking up and down continuously.

In 2021, I found the little wooden house kind of thing below. It was empty inside.

I found another new little building packed full of books.

This was next to a garden promenade with a small fountain.

A fountain of water spewing up in a garden

There was also another café area with a bunch of seating outside. It was playing Christian worship music.

A man walking along stepping stones to a café in a grassy space surrounded by gardens and a row of pines

The building back at the entrance to Grace Garden has a spiral staircase with a photo gallery inside and a deck outside.

It was a nice visit even in September, though it’s definitely better to come during blooming season to see all the beautiful colors of flowers.

Colorful hydrangeas on the sides of a driveway through the mountainous forest
Family selfie along blue hydrangeas

Sangri Lotus Park is only 5 minutes away from Grace Garden. It has giant lily pads, and during the blooming season, many colors of lilies and lotus flowers.

Have you been here? Have you noticed newer paths or garden areas (we noticed ongoing construction when we visited)? I hope you enjoy should you decide to visit!

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