A large coffee machine at Grace J. Café

Grace J. Café Replaces My Dear Hasarang

Address: 29, Jungang-ro, Goseong-eup, Goseong-gun, Gyeongnam

Grace J. Café is now open, replacing Hasarang. This café is still affiliated with a church I believe, so maybe the J is for Jesus?

Hasarang used to be one of my favorites to go to in the town for being a comfortable and quiet place to work on a laptop, but it still is as Grace J Café. My wife and I visited with Noah the other day and enjoyed soft piano music of Christian songs.

Baby and mom at a café table enjoying a chocolate chip cookie

Noah was thrilled to try some of a delicious chocolate chip coconut cookie.

In general the place has been modernized.

Grace J ordering counter

Grace J. Café sits along a main road, and there is now a big coffee machine in its own room along the window. I don’t know much about it, but I suppose it roasts and grinds the coffee beans?

A large coffee machine at Grace J. Café

The coffee was very strong here.

Comfortable green cushiony chairs in Grace J Café in Goseong, Korea

It is nice to have a café to go to with an atmosphere of Christianity, even if just in the music. I don’t really think a “Christian” café would do well in the USA these days with all the political correctness frenzies.

The interior of Grace J Café in Goseong

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