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Gujeolsan Mountain Hike with Suspension Bridge and Small Waterfalls

Address: Mountain 51, Oegok-ri, Donghae-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gyeongnam

See a beautiful view from Gujeolsan Mountain with the water wrapping around. You can also walk across a suspension bridge over waterfalls.

A red bridge across a rocky crevice and waterfall

One area to begin the hike is near a temple up on the rocky cliffside. You see a vehicle parked here in the photo, but the main parking lot is a 5-10 minute walk before getting to this point.

Car parked under a bridge next to a rocky waterfall

The waterfall is not large, but the water flows down the flat rock with in these slow, mesmerizing waves.

A small waterfall down a sloped rock

I followed the path across the rocks and into the cave-like rock to begin the hike up Gujeolsan Mountain.

The route I took was 12-10-9-3-9-11-12.

The trail was rocky starting out.

A rocky trail up the mountain

I came to a strange door embedded in a rock. This turned out to be a Buddhist prayer room.

A sliding door embedded in a rock

Before too long I came to the first nice view where some rocks jut out.

Rocks on the side of a mountain with a view of islands

There are a decent amount of other areas to catch different views along the trail.

View of mountain and reservoirs

I always enjoy coming across a variety of flowers and vegetation along the way.

At 0.3km from the peak, I came to a junction in a grassy area with a dirt road that comes up the side of the Gujeolsan Mountain.

A junction in a grassy area

There were a couple wooden platforms here. I kept thinking it would be so cool to camp up here.

A wooden platform near a mountain peak with a nice view

To go further, I had to literally climb over a pile of large rocks.

Pile of large rocks below a mountain peak surrounded by pines

Soon after this, I reached the top. I took this video with a GoPro.

Nate next to Gujeolsan Mountain headstone

I was lucky that the weather was so beautiful this day. I have to say, I feel like the photo makes it look like I am standing in front of a green screen or something. But the lighting was just right.

Nate standing in front of a nice view of water, towns, and mountains below

You can see a great view in all directions.

A large rock jutting out into a nice view of mountains, water, rice fields, and villages

The rice paddies are just starting to turn golden here in early September.

Mountaintop view of sea and mountains and rice paddies

The mountains seem to go on endlessly.

I actually did a video call with my wife and son from here. That was fun.

Then it was time to go back down, and over the pile of rocks again.

A pile of large rocks and path leading downhill through the forest

At the junction, I took the other side of the loop back down. It doesn’t have many landscape views as the other side, but it is more direct.

A trail downhill with scattered rocks

Somewhere along the way I heard the sound of rushing water and decided to go off the main trail in search of it.

I had to fight mosquitos and take down spiders in the way, but I came to a rock wall next to some bamboo.

More stacked rocks were above the waterfall. Makes me think about who, when, and why.

I went back to the trail and finally I came to the suspension bridge.

A red suspension bridge among the trees

The bridge is 50m above ground and 35m across. It crosses over the 3rd of 9 waterfalls. This is how Gujeolsan Mountain gets its name. “Gu” is 9 in Korean.

This is a little ledge around the bridge.

Rope and posts near edge of a cliff

Thanks for reading, I hope it was interesting!

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