Haejigae Bridge featured

Haejigae Bridge Perfect for a Seaside Night Walk

Address: Sinwol-ri Goseong-eup Goseong-gun Gyeongsangnam-do

Haejigae Bridge is part of a boardwalk along the sea which lights up beautifully at night. It starts at a small island by Namsan Park.

A signpost at Haejigae boardwalk labeling Namsan Park Trail and Namparang Trail

This little island, 똥뫼산, has stairs on both sides.

You can find the typical Korean exercise machines up here. It is a great place to sit on a bench and watch the sunset.

A sunset from the top of a small island with a view of the water through the trees

I also love to sit here at night. In this scene the moon shines over the changing colors of the lights along the boardwalk.

The moon shining over the water and the changing color of the lights from the boardwalk at night

You can take stairs back down either side to get back on the boardwalk.

Blue lights along the boardwalk along the trees and water with a bright moon shining overhead

The lights change colors continuously.

The boardwalk at night with lights reflecting off the water and mountains in the background

There is a camping area along one stretch of the boardwalk just across the street.

A full camping area across the street at night along the side of the road

Eventually the boardwalk turns into Haejigae Bridge and crosses over the water.

A shark painted on Haejigae Bridge crossing over the water

The painted areas are good for photos, especially for kids.

Nate on a trick art painting of a waterfall on Haejigae Bridge at night

The cherry blossoms run along the road nearby. Sunset Café is positioned well for sunset viewing with a balcony and rooftop, and is nearby here.

The water is calm and sheltered.

Calm, sheltered water beneath the boardwalk on a cloudy day

It’s easy to spot jellyfish all around Haejigae Bridge. One day I found the surface of the water covered with hundreds or thousands of them.

As we get close to the end, we can see the heart-shaped arches lit up.

The moon shining over the boardwalk lit with blue lights reflecting off the water at night

We took some of our wedding photos here. This was taken on January 10th, 2019. We were both freezing cold!

Nate and Alice embracing under heart-shaped arches lit up at night

There are benches here for enjoying the atmosphere, or else you can head back.

By the way, the end of the boardwalk is only 500 meters from Doors Café!

Purple and blue lights on Haejigae Bridge reflecting off the water at night

Overall it’s a fun walk!

Nate laying on a moon-shaped structure with lights at night

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