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Harvesting Rice in South Korea

Chuseok has passed and October has arrived. The once deep green rice fields are now golden and are beginning to get harvested.

Golden rice fields with mountains in the background and a partly cloudy sky in late afternoon
Rice fields on our street

While this post is not as in depth as the one for rice planting, I thought it would still be interesting to share a little about the machine that harvests the rice that we planted back in May of 2021.

The machine that harvests rice is very different than the one that plants it.

My mother-in-law’s field was planted May 28, 2021, and harvested October 23, 2021. I did not participate in harvesting the rice, but I did take a quick video of the machine going through a field here in Goseong.

I am pretty sure I have seen one of these going much faster through a field before.

A harvested rice field between some rice fields not yet harvested with the sun almost set over the mountains on the horizon in a village
A harvested rice field between unharvested fields in our village in Goseong
Fields of harvested rice
My mother-in-law’s field is the second from the front

The leftover stalks or “hay” gets wrapped up by another machine in large, white bundles.

The rice gets organized into 40 kg sacks (88 lbs).

40 kilogram sacks of rice stacked on top of each other
40 kilogram sacks of rice

Prior to consumption however, the harvested grains of rice need to be peeled.

Closeup of rice grains on the plant stems
Unpeeled grains of rice

My mother-in-law has a machine which peels the grains of rice. So in our case, the 40kg bags are unpeeled, and she uses the machine to peel them.

Rice peeling machine

But I have also seen the rice put into 1,000 kg bags. That’s more than 1 ton at 2,204 lbs of rice per bag.

And that’s about it for now! Thank you for reading.

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