Hyangi Café and the surrounding garden

Noah Enjoying Hyangi Café’s Outdoor Garden

Address: 95-35 Gyoza 4-gil, Goseong-eup, Goseong-gun

Hyangi Café has a nice hand drip coffee. It’s located in the Goseong Sports Park.

A tray of hand drip coffee next to a citrus fruit plant at Hyangi Café in Goseong, Gyeongnam, Korea

Alice and I came here often with Noah, who loved exploring the different fruits and plants growing in the garden.

Toddler Noah walking in a grassy area in a garden

One of them we found was a pomegranate tree.

A pomegranate tree growing in a garden

But when I came to Hyangi Café alone, l would always sit at this window. It is a nice atmosphere and feels private. It was good for doing some work too.

Elaborate doily hanging above a table next to a window and curtains

The decorations are interesting inside. There are random antiques, including a spinning record that was playing music, and a few musical instruments.

There are a few cozy rooms inside, nice and private and great for a group.

A white curtain draped over the entrance to a small private room in a café

We had a strawberry crepe cake here once with Noah.

We came to Hyangi Café a bunch, and I do miss this place, and I will always remember Noah playing here while we were all together here.

A table next to garden paths and flowers


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