Soelbipojinseong Fortress entrance gate in Goseong, Gyeongnam, South Korea

1491년 축성된 소을비포진성

주소: 경상남도 고성군 하일면 동화리 398-4

소을비포진성은 임진왜란 중 1491년에 축성됐습니다. 큰 돌로 만들어졌고 바다와도 가깝습니다.

There are three gates. We can approach by the back (south) gate.

Stone steps leading into a fortress along grassy slopes
Soeulbipojinseong Fortress, south entrance

Most of the area is void of growth aside from grass.

Stone steps and fortress wall

Within the 5-6 meter walls of Soeulbipojinseong Fortress are foundations of some buildings outlined with cut stone. The fort was reconstructed between 1998 and 2004

A full view of a fortress with foundations surrounded by walls

The painted wooden gate is at the north end of the fortress.

A wooden fortress gate at sunset

The mountain in view when looking straight out from the north gate is Jwaisan Mountain, which is a nice hike and has remains of a smoke-and-fire beacon station used during the Joseon Dynasty.

Jwaisan Mountain viewed from Soeulbipojinseong Fortress

It is assumed that the fort and the beacon station on Jwaisan mountain worked in tandem during the Japanese invasion. This is the view from Jwaisan mountain.

Jwaisan smoke and fire beacon station view in Goseong, Korea
Jwaisan Mountain – smoke and fire beacon station

It is really quiet at Soeulbipojinseong Fortress. There’s just not a lot around here. A road wraps around the fort, but there is very little traffic and very few visitors. It’s a little far from the town center so it feels like I’m kind of in a different world. The water nearby is calm.

A covered gate at a Korean fort facing a prominent Jwaisan mountain

The gate is painted in a similar way to other typical Korean temples or wooden rooftop structures.

Atop a wooden, painted fortress gate viewing the sea and mountains

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