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Lush Mountainside Garden Manhwabangcho with Hydrangeas and Forest

Address: 82-91, Eunhwang-gil, Georyu-myeon, Goseong-gun

Admission: ₩3,000/adults, ₩2,000/children (as of 2020)

Manhwabangcho is known for its colorful hydrangea flowers and various gardens. It’s up in the mountains with a cool tree growing next to green tea.

An orange spider on creamy blue hydrangea flowers

We came to Manhwabangcho with Noah in early July 2020.

Noah and Nate next to pink hydrangeas
July 6, 2020

The first thing you see when entering is a grassy area with gardens along the sides. The photo below was taken in September of 2021, and although the hydrangeas were out of bloom by then, it’s still not a bad place at all to be outside (and admission was free).

A grassy area with white tables and chairs in the center and bordered by lush plants and flowers
September 5, 2021

We meandered through the trails and gardens.

A variety of colors and types of flowers growing together

The gardens were set up nicely.

The family standing in a garden under a tree next to a pond and fountain

The pair of photos below was in September of 2021.

We went uphill past an interesting house.

We followed some paths around the mountains, but we really didn’t explore all that much. I would love to go back during the blooming season.

We found a cool tree growing on the mountainside. It had just started to rain, so we had Noah covered.

Nate standing next to a cool, large tree

The tree was growing next to a patch of green tea bushes with a view of the town below.

The view in September was a clearer, dryer day.

A view of the town and mountains next to the tree and green tea bushes

I think the smell I was smelling was the green tea bushes..

A tree growing next to green tea plants with benches and jars and pots around the tree with a nice view of the town below

More benches could be found within the rows of green tea bushes.

Benches along rows of green tea bushes and a path bordered by trees

A little café is down near the entrance/exit of Manhwabangcho. It was not open in the photo below.

Café at Manhwabangcho

I don’t have many great photos from the hydrangea blooming season here, so that’s about all I have for this place right now. Grace Garden is another great place to check out hydrangeas, and there are many arrangements and paths up the mountainside.

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