Repos Café featured

Repos Café Feels like a Mini Resort Next to Sangjogam Park and the Goseong Dinosaur Museum

Address: 690, Jaranman-ro, Hai-myeon, Goseong-gun

Repos Café feels like a resort with palms and umbrellas around chairs with a beautiful seaside view of the cliffs of Sangjogam with dinosaur fossils.

As we entered the front of the building, I kind of wondered if the interior would have European décor to match the architecture.

Front of Repos Café with European style windows and architecture

Well, the first floor is bright with nice light fixtures and natural light from the windows.

Tables and chairs next to windows and the Repos Café counter with cutouts in a wall separating tables

Many more light fixtures dangle on the cozy second floor.

Light fixtures dangling from the second floor of a café

The outdoor area has a bunch of chairs and sofas for enjoying a nice view of Sangjogam Park and the cliffs after which the park is named. The Goseong Dinosaur Museum is also part of the park.

Outdoor patio full of decorations and seats including umbrellas and palm trees with a beautiful sea view

We came here when Noah was 20 months old.

My family and I enjoyed the seaside view on a sofa outside with some honey bread and dinosaur bread for Noah.

It is actually a pension next to Repos Café, or perhaps the buildings are even joined.

Pension next to a café with a wooden deck outside

I took Noah up the white stairs.

Nate and Noah in front of the sea and a village below

Why not make a mini vacation out of seeing some world-class dinosaur footprints in a beautiful park and then have a rest at a nice café?

Some chairs next to a painted wall of banana leaves and others

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