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Sangri Lotus Park with Giant Lily Pads Makes for a Mystical Atmosphere

Address: 125-4, Cheokbeonjeong-ri Sangni-myeon, Goseong-gun

Sangri Lotus Park is a beautifully rural lotus and lily park surrounded by mountains. You can walk across the pond and see giant lily pads.

Two rows of stepping stones across a pond of lily and lotus plants and flowers with misty mountains in the background and a stone pagoda at the end
August 31, 2021

What’s great about this place is how close you can get to the blossoms, either from the stepping stones that run across the pond, or along the perimeter.

Lily and Lotus Blossoms at Sangri Lotus Park in Goseong

Taken August 31, 2021. These photos have not been edited!

The lotus flowers and stems rise well above the water, whereas the lily pads and blossoms rest on or just above the surface of the water.

Mixture of water lilies and lotus

We saw a variety of colors of lilies.

A gazebo sits in the center of the pond.

A bridge connecting to a gazebo in the middle of a pond surrounded by mountains

This place always seems to be misty with the clouds hiding part of the mountains, and together with the stone pagoda makes for a mystical atmosphere.

A mystical atmosphere given off by the misty mountains and lush lily and lotus pond with a gazebo

We enjoyed a nice breeze here on the gazebo.

I was surprised to find these giant lily pads at Sangri Lotus Park.

Giant lily pads and misty mountains with a gazebo in the center of the pond

I could sit comfortably in these. One of groupings had a large, white flower closed up in the middle.

Another surprise was to find how spiky they are on the underside, like a cactus or thorns.

It is interesting how they curl up along the edges to look like a sort of rim.

The stone steps let you get up close to everything. I came here on my first trip to Goseong in 2018 after having LASEK eye surgery in Busan. I had to wear sunglasses for 6 months after that.

A stone pagoda is at one end of the pond.

We came here with Noah in August 2021. He found some stems and looked like a serious 18-month-old hiker.

Some lily pads looked remarkably like Pacman.

White lilies whose pads look like Pacman

Some benches and exercise equipment can be found along the perimeter.

There is a separate pond across from the main pond. This one didn’t have many blooming plants at the time of our visit, though I’m sure it does if you visit at the right time.

Those are rice fields next to the ponds.

Finally, I will share a few photos I thought were interesting from just down the street. I feel it gives a sense of how rural the surrounding area is. There are also many campgrounds in the area.

While you are out this way, Grace Garden is a great park to check out in the mountains only 5 minutes away.

Thanks for reading and checking out Sangri Lotus Park!

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