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Solseom Island – A Peaceful Place in Goseong

Address: 198, Songcheon-ri, Hail-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gyeongnam

We discovered Solseom Island this spring, and actually missed many of the flowers. But we enjoyed a nice walk around the island and rocky shore.

A wooden boardwalk along the island near the trees

We followed the path after parking.

A paved path along the shore bordered by a fence leading to Solseom Island

The island is like a small hill. A set of stairs took us up, where we could loop around the whole island. Solseom Island is not large, so we could easily walk around it in a fairly short amount of time.

A boardwalk around the perimeter of the island with some stairs leading up the hill through the trees

Just around the corner were some stairs leading down to the shore, so we had a look.

People walking along the shore with mountains in the background

Noah had to check out the rocky terrain.

Noah walking along the rocky shore of Solseom Island with a stick

He did surprisingly well on the uneven rocky terrain.

Noah walking on the rocky shore with a stick

But we soon moved him to the sandy beach area. We even saw a few people with tents on the beach. It seems like such a peaceful place to chill out for a while.

The sandy shore of Solseom Island with an outcropping with trees

We got back onto the boardwalk around Solseom Island.

Boardwalk going around the island perimeter through the trees above the beach

There are plenty of benches and a few clearings to take a rest in the shade. We let Noah walk around more, and we all shared some fruit.

A bench among the bushes and trees near a clearing along the boardwalk

Noah found some smaller, narrow paths leading further inland.

I believe these were the bushes which had been full of colorful flowers some days or weeks earlier.

A narrow dirt path through the bushes and trees

We noticed what appeared to be a bunch of fishing nets.

We followed the path around the most of island and before long finished the loop.

A bend in the path around Solseom Island above the water

All in all, it is a nice outing without crowds of people, and not too strenuous to loop around. We enjoyed it!

Thick bushes and trees growing along the base of the island

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