Coffee and Taiwanese bread snack at Taizen Café

Taizen Café’s Salt Coffee Downtown a Must-Try

Address: Room 202, 2nd floor, Yanggang Building, 175 Dongoe-ro, Goseong-eup, Goseong-gun, Gyeongnam

Taizen Café is great for many reasons. It’s in the middle of downtown Goseong and has a very affordable menu, which includes their salt coffee.

The Taiwanese franchise café is on the second floor in a building across the street from Farmer’s Market grocery store.

Entrance to café on second floor with sign above glass doors

The view of the surrounding downtown area with the mountains in the background is pretty nice, and much of the seating is along the windows.

Interior of Taizen Café showing the railing where people line up for orders and tables are set up along the large windows

The food in the featured photo is a Taiwanese sandwich of ham, cheese, egg, and a mango sauce sprinkled with powdered sugar, and maybe cinnamon, if I remember it all correctly. It’s quite tasty and feels like a glorified French toast or grilled cheese.

Coffee and Taiwanese sandwich dessert

But one of the highlights from Taizen Cafe’s menu is definitely the salt coffee. It’s recommended to try hot, and it’s served with a layer of salty foam on top.

The Taiwan Americano is very sweet. The regular Americano was as cheap as ₩1,000 last time I noticed. Most of the menu seems to have good prices.

I had a pretzel covered in brown sugar on my latest visit which was nice and soft. I had chamomile tea with it as it was getting late. There are other snacks and desserts to choose from, including macaroons and a tall chocolate cake.

A pretzel covered in brown sugar on a tray with chamomile tea

Despite the large, tasty, and affordable menu, there are a few things to be desired. The wifi was come-and-go for me. Some of the tables’ height I found too low.

Anyway, there is a good amount of space. This place was actually a sulbing restaurant a few years ago. Alice and I used to go here for sulbing in Goseong. When it converted to Taizen Café, we took Noah, and that was his first time in any café or restaurant.

Nate holding Noah while sitting near the window at Taizen Café
Interior of Taizen Café with ample space in the middle of tables and booths along the walls and windows

Feel free to comment below if you’ve been to Taizen Café or have anything to say or ask!

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