The Hideout Bakery Café with a tree growing surrounded by a small water pool

The Hideout Café – Cool New Chill Out Place

Address: 957, Donghae-ro, Donghae-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gyeongnam

The Hideout is true to its name with creative hidden spaces to chill out in with a beautiful coastal view and even a dog yard.

The ordering counter at The Hideout Café

I actually noticed this place getting built over a year ago, as construction began in 2020 and I drive by here all the time. The Hideout opened in May 2022, so it’s really cool to see how it turned out after all that time.

The front door at The Hideout

There are two separate but adjacent buildings along the coast.

A stone path between the coast and a café window

The mountain there is Georyusan, my favorite to hike in Goseong.

One of the buildings makes creative use of mirrors in a space above the ground.

A mirror on a wall reflecting the view of the sea and mountains

It makes you kind of unsure of what’s around the corner. And it kind of lets you slip into a world of your own.

A wall mirror reflecting floral decorations

You can sit and face the sea, and you can walk out on a balcony.

A skinny table along a window with a nice sea view

The other building is nice too.

A long, curved, black table in a The Hideout Café

At the end is a single tree surrounded by water.

A tree surrounded by water at The Hideout in Goseong, Gyeongnam, Korea

Following the stone path leads to a comfy sofa facing the sea. It doesn’t get much better than that.

A white, outdoor sofa at The Hideout Bakery Café facing the sea

There a bunch of comfy places to have a seat and enjoy a great view.

A set of wicker chairs with cushions outside

At the other end of The Hideout Café is the dog park. Bamboo grows along the side.

A grassy dog park at a seaside café

Finally there is the rooftop. Stairs along a wall of rocks lead up there.

Stairs along a wall of rocks with a stone path between two walls

The row of evergreens provide additional privacy.

Seating on a rooftop lined with small evergreens and umbrellas facing a sea and mountain view

2 thoughts on “The Hideout Café – Cool New Chill Out Place”

    1. Hello! Getting to Goseong itself is easy by bus (there is no train station). But if you are asking about reaching The Hideout Cafe by public transport, that might be tricky for a foreigner. The easiest way would be taking a taxi from Goseong bus terminal or town center (but you'd need a plan to get back). But there is a small bus you can catch right next to the 장수 약국 pharmacy in Goseong town center towards 당동 and you could get off 10 minutes down the road from The Hideout. The particular bus only runs every 30 mins I believe.

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