Sol Hyangi Café featured

Village Cafe Sol Hyangi in Valley Around Campsites and Mountain Trails

Address: 1200, Guman-ro, Hoehwa-myeon, Goseong-gun

The nice lady working at Sol Hyangi gave Noah a bowl of hot red bean porridge, and we had fun just chilling in the valley.

Alice and baby Noah sitting at a table in Sol Hyangi Café

Sometimes it’s nice not being at a chain where the staff is busy and everyone is expected to just keep to themselves. The lady chatted with us a bit, gave Noah the porridge, and wiped off his face with a napkin like his own grandmother would, smiles and all.

A bowl of Korean red bean porridge

In Korea, it’s actual still quite normal for people, especially older folks, to step in as caretakers in random moments without any sort of permission, which Americans would likely demand, and I think it’s great. Koreans are much more group- and society-oriented than Americans, and they see themselves as all one big family. So they don’t get offended, alarmed, nervous, or outraged when a stranger begins to briefly interact with or touch their child in a caring and responsible way. The earlier generations of Koreans have endured war and much hardship, and that has molded this culture of looking out for one another to this day.

The lady at Sol Hyangi continued to stop by Noah a few times and pinch his cheeks, etc.

Some products are for sale, including beat root, burdock root, cockscomb flower tea, and pure honey:

Products for sale on shelves

We chilled outside a bit too. This was March 4, 2022 so not much vegetation was out yet.

Covered outdoor seating at Sol Hyangi

The air was fresher here though than in the town.

Parking lot of Sol Hyangi Café in Goseong Korea

There is this large, old stone item outside the building of Sol Hyangi Café. The lady told me what it was used for grinding various grains.

A large, old stone bowl for grinding

That’s all I got!

A clock on the wall next to a hornet nest on a dish and old clay jars

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