Namsan Park workout area with cherry blossoms

Work Out at Namsan Park and Take in the Beauty

Address: 274, Sunam-ri Goseong-eup, Goseong-gun

I used to walk or run to Namsan Park almost every day for a while. That was when I was living close to the park.

I still love coming here either alone or with my family.

Assuming you’ll not be on foot like I was, you’ll drive up a rather steep hill to the parking lot. You’ll pass by a pavilion on the left next to a small pond.

Pavilion and pond on the side of the road to Namsan

(I actually had an encounter with a boar here one night while on a run down the hill, near this pavilion. It came out of nowhere and ran across the street right in front of me! It shook me up quite a bit. Another time I saw a few baby boar crossing near here.)

The parking lot is supplied with a place for drawing natural, fresh water, bathrooms, and even an electric charging station for vehicles. You can fill up an empty bottle here with cool water or rehydrate before leaving the park.

Cherry blossoms on the road to Namsan
A pretty drive up to the parking lot
Parking lot with stone dinosaur water station
Fill up with natural water at the stone dinosaur!

As you approach the park entrance from the parking lot near the stone dinosaur, you’ll find yourself at a junction.

Paved junction at Namsan with cherry blossoms at sunset

The route on the right is a gradual uphill walk. It leads to a sheltered area with a foot massage path made of stones. Beyond that are more nice areas to walk around, but let’s first take the route to the left which leads to the pavilion lookout.

When I take the route on the left, I prefer to take the smaller footpath running parallel to the gravel/paved path. If you approach the road that leads downhill straight ahead, you’ll see the footpath immediately on the left.

Junction leading to footpath at Namsan
Hover for summer view
Footpath Junction Namsan Green trees
Hover for cherry blossom spring view

You’ll see different flowering trees and other plants depending on the season. It’s a great park to walk around at during cherry blossom season.

Footpath with cherry blossoms at Namsan Park

After a minute or two, you can get back on the gravel on your left near the tick spraying station and signpost. You’ll also notice a little war memorial and monument nearby. You can keep following the dirt trail if you like, as this will take you around the side of the mountain and you can make your way up to the pavilion through the gardens. For now we’ll jump onto the gravel path.

Soon the incline will get a little steep.

I used to run up this way to the top regularly in the mornings. As a former cross country runner, it took some conditioning to be able to feebly maintain a “run” to the top, as even just walking to the top is plenty capable of making a person winded. Sometimes I would see groups of real runners doing hill workouts by running up and down this hill repeatedly. Don’t worry, it’s not too bad at a walking pace!

As you continue up the hill, you’ll pass by a few offshoots and little resting areas. Before too long, the path levels off and you’ll find yourself at the top!

As you walk straight ahead towards the scenic lookout and pavilion, you’ll pass by bathrooms on your right and then another station for drawing natural water. On your left will be the little outdoor workout area!

Feel free to have at the weights if the hill didn’t wear you out enough. Across from the workout area is an intricately painted pavilion which lights up nicely at night.

Namsan pavilion with lights at night

There are also some well-positioned benches at the base of the pavilion with nice views of the water and islands. It can be especially nice if there’s a good breeze on a hot day.

View at top of Namsan

From here, you can continue down the other side of the hill past the pavilion, explore other areas around the top, or return the way you came.

Flowers in a circular pattern near pavilion

Let’s move from the pavilion and head down the hill towards the water, with the playground on your right as you descend. You’ll pass by some trails on the right which lead back down the side of the mountain.

Namsan trail with cherry blossoms

You’ll come to an area with a nice view of the water before reaching a white bridge.

Crossing the bridge will lead you to a rather steep descent down the mountain to the water.

End of Namsan Trail

This puts you at another of my favorite areas in Goseong, especially at night. That is the boardwalk or Haejigae Bridge 해지개해안둘레길 and a little island called 똥뫼산.

I hope you enjoy Namsan Park!

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