Goseong Ecology Learning Center aquarium tunnel

고성 생태학습관 및 수족관 - 어린이와 성인 모두에게 좋습니다

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There are a variety of ways to spend time at the Goseong Ecology Learning Center. And like many other attractions in Goseong, this is a perfect place to bring kids.

Fun fact: This is the first aquarium in Korea that utilizes discharge water from a sewage treatment plant!

백합과 연꽃이 만발한 미로를 지나 야외에서 피크닉을 즐겨보세요. 상어, 가오리 그리고 다른 여러 물고기들이 머리 위로 헤엄치는 것을 지켜보세요.

The Goseong Ecology Learning Center building with flowers and bushes out front


연꽃과 백련 연못

The Goseong Ecology Learning Center has a large area of lotus and lily ponds with a bunch of walking paths through them.

A boardwalk through lotus ponds in Korea

They majority of the aquatic plans are lotus, which rise above the water’s surface.

However, the lily pads and flowers rest upon the surface of the water.

You can climb a pavilion and enjoy a nice view across the lily and lotus ponds with a beautiful, mountainous background.

Stepping stones to a pavilion amid a lotus pond
July 7, 2018 (during my first stay in Goseong and not long after the park was created)

By the way, the open area here provides a decent place to catch sunsets.


There is also a playground and walking paths around the Goseong Ecology Learning Center building.

해바라기 밭

If you follow the brick path, you find there are also picnic tables and umbrellas along the edges of the lotus pond.

Behind the lotus ponds are fields where they often plant some kind of wild flowers, sunflowers, etc.

Large Korean sunflower fields crisscrossed by walking paths
Early morning fog on October 10, 2021

This is one of those places where, if you are here alone, you just can’t stop wishing the person you love was also with you.

A large field of pink, purple, and white flowers at the Goseong Ecology Learning Center in Korea

Fortunately, I did get my wish, and my wife and Noah and I all came here together three days later.

There were sections of sunflowers and sections of other flowers in the same area behind the Goseong Ecology Learning Center.

Toddler Noah standing between a sunflower field and wild flowers
October 13, 2021

The prominent mountain in the background is Georyusan mountain which is one of my favorite to hike and has remains of an ancient fortress at the top.

자전거 도로

Behind the flower fields in the back is a small road or bike path. It runs along a river goes for several kilometers in either direction. You can spot some of the birds and animals featured inside the Goseong Ecology Learning Center.

A bike path towards Georyusan Mountain


1층 전시품

It’s a perfect way to cool off in the summer by coming inside after walking around the lily and lotus flowers outside.

Two pillars of fish tanks at the entrance to the Goseong Ecology Learning Center

The Ecology Learning Center does a good job of introducing you to the varieties of water creatures that can be found in the Goseong area, including crabs, birds, fish, etc.

Our son Noah has enjoyed coming here since we first took him at 8 months old until over 2 years old at the time of writing this.

In one area there is a projection of fish swimming on the floor, and when kids step into the area, sensors make the fish react and create ripples.

A girl playing with a projection of fish on the floor with reactive sensors

There are some little play areas including painted trick art.

A toddler next to painted trick art with an hourglass and coins falling into water

Perhaps the coolest part is the tunnel where you can watch sting rays, a sea turtle, sharks, and a bunch of big fish swim overhead.

Kids reaching up towards fish swimming overhead

It feels like you are down in the deep sea right along with the fish swimming freely.

Various large fish and small sharks in a large tank with rocks

It’s an interesting perspective to see the underside of stingrays and sharks when they go over your head.

There is even a miniature model of the water purification and distribution system with a video that explains how the hydrologic cycle works. The actual system is located in the building next door.

A miniature model of a water purification and distribution system in Korea

It’s always good to learn new things and have an understanding and awareness of how things work around us.

A miniature model of a water treatment system in Korea

2층 어린이 도서관 및 옥상

The second floor of the Goseong Ecology Learning Center has a quiet children’s library.

A children's library on the second floor of the Goseong Ecology Learning Center in Korea

There is also a rooftop area with swinging benches and picnic tables.

Rooftop garden at the Goseong Ecology Learning Center in Korea

If you walk over to the back edge and look down, you can have a view of the water purification system next door.

A water distribution and purification system in Goseong, Gyeongnam, Korea

It’s a pretty decent view from the top.

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