First floor interior of Fortuna Café with elegant décor and chandelier

Impress a Date at the Fancy Fortuna Café

Address: 205-1, Sinwol-ro, Goseong-eup, Goseong-gun

I don’t know of any café in this part of Korea that has décor like Fortuna Café, with its chandeliers, wooden furniture, and European-style crockery.

Large wooden chest at Fortuna Café filled with porcelain crockery

Fortuna Café is located up on a hill overlooking the sheltered waters and islands.

Fortuna Café up on a hill overlooking the landscape of water and mountains

This was a nice view after the rain. The rice fields show the beauty of Goseong being a countryside town.

Clouds over the mountains and water after a rain with rice fields below

A black iron gate leads to the building with a nice little courtyard on the left.

A black gate opened with a stone pathway leading to the café building with a courtyard on the left

The courtyard overlooks the area and is filled with tables and chairs, a swing, a water fountain, and even a fire pit.

The first floor is filled with European-style furniture and dishes.

First floor of Fortuna Café filled with European style furniture and dishes

It feels so fancy.

Candlesticks on the wall lit up next to windows with chairs and potted plants

Some stairs in the back, next to a full wall of dishes on shelves, lead to the second floor.

There is a covered balcony.

Nice view from second floor balcony

Of course, there is a nice indoor seating area on the second floor, aside from the balcony. The chairs, tables, and other furniture all contribute to the ambiance of this 18th century European style café.

Tables on second floor with chandelier and large windows

There are large windows in various directions.

The prices are a bit expensive at a place like this of course, and honestly I was much more impressed with the interior design, style, and uncommon furniture than the coffee. But there are some interesting things to choose from including brunch. We haven’t tried any dessert items yet.

Feel free to comment below if you’ve been to Fortuna Café or have anything to say or ask!

Candlesticks next to windows with a wall of dishes on shelves
Second floor of Fortuna Café with large windows and tables

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