Goseong Cafés

☕️ Great views of the coast
☕️ Lots of photo opportunities with interesting shadows and lighting at night
☕️ Comfortable outdoor and indoor seating

This is a great place to take family especially with good weather! Seating is on multiple levels around the property.

☕️ Great views of the countryside
☕️ Hand drip options
☕️ Variety of seating from tables to couch to outdoor patio

Rio 541 is very comfortable. It is located up on a hill in a rural area.

☕️ Mountainside café with beautiful view
☕️ Grassy yard & outdoor deck
☕️ Tasty cookies

Dupoli Café offers a nice mountainside view and is just a 15 minute drive from the town center. There are some sofa-like seats and the outdoor deck is great.

☕️Resort-like outdoor seating area
☕️ Gorgeous view of sea and cliffs around Sangjogam Park
☕️ Nice interior design and indoor second floor

Repos Café feels like a resort with palm trees and umbrellas next to chairs with a beautiful view of the sea and cliffs. It is connected to Sangjogam Park where there are dinosaur fossils.

☕️ Combine with a visit to a park across the road with a boardwalk along the water
☕️ Rural environment among nature
☕️ Private and homey atmosphere

Sip a healthy glass of aronia juice outside, facing the water without all the noise of a typical café in the city. Daehuijae is located at a private residence.

☕️ Comfortable and stylish interior
☕️ Great coffee and desserts
☕️ Nice balconies lit up at night

Googjeong Café opened May 21st, 2021. The view from the balconies across the water to the mountains is quite nice. The coffee is bold and rich. It’s very clean and has a great atmosphere.

☕️ Elegant style and décor
☕️ Beautiful view across the water and islands
☕️ Impress a date

An uncommon style of décor to find in Korea is found in Fortuna, which offers two floors with a nice balcony on the second. Prices are a bit expensive as expected. I was more impressed with the décor than the coffee, personally.

☕️ Nice view along the water
☕️ Trees grow through the 2nd floor and rooftop
☕️ 5 minutes from Dinosaur Theme Park

A nice place to spent some time, especially if you are already in the area visiting the Goseong Dinosaur Theme Park or Expo. The coffee was nothing special, but I still enjoy coming here for the view and interesting menu.

☕️ Indoor swing with great view of the sea
☕️ Hand drip
☕️ Spacious interior decorated with many nostalgia items

Great for conversation, even on the indoor swing facing the water. A variety of quality coffee options, though a bit expensive. A camping/pension area is located just behind the café.

☕️ Choose coffee beans from around 10 countries
☕️ Coffee beans and supplies are for sale
☕️ Comfortable outdoor and indoor seating

Each coffee bean displays a graphic depicting its acidic, bitter, sweet, aromatic, and body characteristics. Find an extensive menu beyond just coffee.

☕️ Delicious European style pastries
☕️ Clean with European décor
☕️ Just opened in November 2020

The pastries were a treat for me here. The soft, buttery pastry is a bit unusual in Korea and similar to what I used to eat in the USA, like a biscuit. The coconut macaroon was nice too.

☕️ Nice view from the east of town center
☕️ Open until 12am Thursday-Saturday
☕️ Western food served

The food is a little expensive, but a good variety of options are available, including various health tea. Decorated with many varieties of cacti and small plants for a peaceful atmosphere with calm music often playing in the day.

☕️ Delicious and decorative macaroons
☕️ Personalized bottles for gifts
☕️ Good strawberry latte

This cozy dessert café is located near the scenic Donghae peninsula. The coffee is smooth and the smell of freshly baked goods fills the room. The family owners are very friendly and there are board games for customers to play.

☕️ Outdoor playground and yard for kids
☕️ Nooks and rooms offer a sense of privacy
☕️ Great for studying and focusing

Located within walking distance of a reservoir and park with a boardwalk and running or biking paths. Sanchaeg’s interior feels as if you are inside a cozy room of baked clay.

☕️ Taiwanese style drinks and snacks
☕️ Americano as cheap as ₩1,000
☕️ Wide variety of snacks and drinks

You’ll have plenty of affordable options to choose from, including a Taiwan Salt Americano and Mango Toast. Taizen is a fairly large café converted from a sulbing restaurant. Wifi can be hit-and-miss.

☕️ Beautiful art gallery
☕️ Wonderful owners
☕️ Great “siphon” coffee and jujube tea

The “siphon coffee” is a must-try. Watching the liquid rise and fall over the flames through the contraption is part of the experience. The art gallery is constantly rotating beautiful paintings and unique items.

☕️ Hand-drip coffee from several countries
☕️ Friendly owner
☕️ Delicious chocolate chip cookie-scone

Milli Coffee changed its location in Goseong and is easily accessible. Although not a large café, they do have high chairs for babies. The entrance to the café is part of a very large window from which to watch the outside world go by.

☕️ One of the best views of Goseong City
☕️ Great place to take a date
☕️ Full-service restaurant and bar

Table 154 has an elegant yet relaxing atmosphere, with city views on almost all sides, including a balcony with tables. Western food is featured here and prices are a bit high, but it can be a nice treat.

☕️ Picnic set for rent to take to ancient Sogaya mounds for photos
☕️ Friendly owners
☕️ Nice portions and prices of food items

The cozy Hey Hi Café is within walking distance to the ancient Sogaya burial mounds, a very photogenic and culturally significant site in Goseong. Parking can be tricky at the café. There are high chairs for babies. Chocolate was a nice touch to our order.

☕️ Beautiful sea view
☕️ Across from Sangjogam Park with dinosaur footprints
☕️ Comfortable balcony and outdoor areas

Another new coastal café, The Wave is across from Sangjogam Park and the nearby Goseong Dinosaur Museum. It has some interesting desserts. The second floor is very comfortable with a beautiful view.

☕️ Drumset and sound equipment
☕️ Comfy booths
☕️ Self-serve

Muin Café has a coffee dispenser machine that takes cards for payment. Muin is along the water which has substantial tides. The booths are comfy and there are a bunch of big teddy bears.

☕️ Rooftop, balcony, indoor, outdoor tables
☕️ Well-positioned for sunset viewing
☕️ Comfortable outdoor and indoor seating

Several restaurants are next to the café. The rooftop may not be open until the night time. Prices are a bit expensive, but the diverse menu and seating options are nice.

☕️ Flower café with a nicely landscaped grassy lawn
☕️ Outdoor picnic tables lit up at night
☕️ Friendly owner

This flower café is on the first floor of a brick building with plants and flowers landscaped around the yard. The menu includes alcohol and bingsu. It has nice lighting at night.

☕️ Affordable, delicious crepes & crepe cakes
☕️ Nice plants and view on 2nd floor
☕️ Located in sports park

The Goseong branch of this chain opened in October 2021 and is one of two places I know of in Goseong to get crepes. The roomy second floor has large windows and beautiful potted plants and trees.

☕️ Nice outdoor garden
☕️ Full of interesting decorations and antique items
☕️ Hand drip coffee and crepe cake

Located in the Goseong Sports Park, Hyangi is a cozy café which had a record spinning and playing traditional Korean music while I was there. I loved seeing such a variety of items on display from around the world.

☕️ Performances Saturdays @ 6pm
☕️ Next to Culture and Arts Center
☕️ Food also available

This café opened in the fall of 2021. It seeks to encourage activity with the Culture and Arts Center in Goseong. The area outside consists of a stage surrounded by creatively painted walls.

☕️ Village café across from rice fields
☕️ Stage with drumset and guitar
☕️ Nice strawberry cake

The Terrace is right next to a village and across from a rural, pretty landscape. There is a stage which looks ready for live music.

☕️ Next to the Goseong Museum & ancient burial mounds
☕️ Fantastic coffee
☕️ Friendly staff

This café opened in 2021 right next to one of Goseong’s most unique attractions, the Songhak-dong ancient burial mounds. The elderly are employed here as staff and they are so friendly.

☕️ Fantastic coffee
☕️ Black cheesecake
☕️ Center of town

The coffee at Ryul is one of my favorites in all of Goseong. This new café in the town center is very clean and modern.

☕️ Healthy sandwiches with reasonable prices
☕️ Nice tiramisu and desserts
☕️ Located on main road in Baedun

Dino reminds me of a café I am used to seeing in America. I like to come here if I know I want to have some food or if I am in the area of Baedun.

☕️ Village café on hill with view of village and crop fields
☕️ Room with traditional Korean Hanbok clothes
☕️ Gimbap, pizza, tteokboki, pork cutlet

This is different than most cafés as it is in the middle of a village, and the view is of the houses and rice fields. You can dress up in Hanboks and sit in the cozy little room.

☕️ Many rooftop seats to enjoy great views of the coast
☕️ Luxury atmosphere
☕️ Comfortable seating

Located on a peninsula, this large and impressive café opened in 2021. It feels like part of a resort and is an escape from the city.

☕️ Thick, delicious waffles
☕️ Rosetta coffee, beer, and Guinness
☕️ Tables inside & outside

Crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside, I absolutely love these waffles. Collect 10 stamps to get a free or discounted item.

☕️ Surrounded by mountains and camping areas
☕️ Friendly owner also believed to own reputable restaurant nearby
☕️ Fresh air in valley

The nice lady working at Sol Hyangi gave Noah a bowl of hot red bean porridge, and we had fun just chilling in the valley. The lady chatted with us a bit, gave Noah the porridge, and wiped off his face with a napkin like his own grandmother would, smiles and all.

☕️ Comfortable couches
☕️ Nice sea and mountain view
☕️ Stuffed animals

One minute from Nessun Dorma, An Café also has a sort of luxury feel with comfortable couches along a wall of windows and a no kids zone on the second floor.

☕️ Across from Dinosaur Expo Theme Park
☕️ Soft sofa seats
☕️ Rooftop

Zaha has a cool circular architecture and spiral concrete stairs leading to a second floor and a rooftop. The staff was so friendly and there are a variety of desserts.

☕️ Peaceful atmosphere, usually with soft, Christian music
☕️ Chocolate chip coconut cookies
☕️ Very comfortable seats

The new Grace J. has replaced Hasarang and I believe is still affiliated with Goseong Church next-door. I love to come here to get work done or to just relax. The Goseong Market is just a short walk away.

Café Inside Art Gallery

Kakao Maps: 경남 고성군 고성읍 남해안대로 2551

☕️ Art gallery and café in the same building
☕️ Dutch coffee
☕️ Next to Goseong Mask Museum

You can get Dutch coffee here and browse the little art museum onsite. The Goseong Mask Museum is just behind the café.

☕️ Nice view of Daega Reservoir
☕️ Restaurant next-door
☕️ Daega Lotus Theme Park just down the road

The café and the restaurant are part of the same establishment but in separate rooms. They are up on a hill offering a nice view of the reservoir and mountains.

☕️ Healthy traditional teas
☕️ Oven roasted pizza & vegetables and pasta
☕️ Picturesque seaside location and interesting interior

The dessert café “& White” is like a fusion of a traditional teahouse, a dessert café, and an Italian restaurant, all with a coastal view.


Try another combination.