A red drumset at the Korean café Muin with teddy bears

Memories at Muin Self-Café with Drumset and Comfy Booths along Sea

Address: 846, Danghangman-ro, Hoehwa-myeon, Goseong-gun

There is a full drumset! This is the first thing I knew about Muin Café when my wife showed me a photo.

Muin Café is a self-café that utilizes a beverage dispenser machine. As of 202, it takes only Korean cards for payment, and no cash.

Muin self-café machine that takes credit cards and dispenses beverages

Muin is situated along the sea, so sometimes the tides expose the sea floor for a good distance.

A toddler in a swinging basket in the corner of some windows with a view of the sea

Besides the drumset, there is a bunch of sound equipment that looks ready for a good jam session.

A drumset on a wooden stage next to large teddy bears

If I remember correctly, it is fine to use the equipment, as long as everything be put back as it was.

A red drumset at the Korean café Muin with teddy bears

It is a fun and freestyle atmosphere. There were often no other people when we came here, and it was great that Noah could wander around a bit without having to worry about him affecting others.

Noah even played the drums here at Muin Café! It was his first time with real drums I believe.

A tent set up inside Muin Café across from booths

The booths have curtains and are nice and comfy.

A booth with a curtain along a nice window with a view of the sea

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