The front porch of Daehuijae Café with white curtains

Daehuijae Café Will Charm You in the Countryside

Address: 331-11, Daega-ro, Daega-myeon, Goseong-gun

Daehuijae Café is located in the countryside at a private residence. The surrounding garden and reservoir with mountains make for a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere.

An iron table and chairs outside on grass looking out at Daega Reservoir and mountains

The attraction out near Daehuijae Café, which is also less than 10 minutes from downtown Goseong, is the Daega Reservoir Lotus Theme Park with a boardwalk along the water. Here is a shot from a sunset stroll in June of 2020 along the boardwalk.

Daega Reservoir at sunset with still waters against mountains

Back at the café, the interior was quite interesting with a few large tables and a smaller room for sitting on the floor. The seating area is not large, as the majority of the building is for private use by the residents. I was hearing some classic American rock music playing when I was there. I felt like I was listening to 98.5 or 97.5 on the radio back in Cleveland.

Interior of Daehuijae Café with Western furniture and Asian building style

It’s very interesting the way they combine antique Western and Asian styles together, all with classic American rock from the 1970s playing.

There is also a nice outdoor deck with curtains.

The outdoor yard is nice too.

I had a tall, cool glass of “aronia” 아 로니아 juice. Apparently this is also known as a chokeberry and is considered a super food, with benefits that include fighting cancer. It was very delicious and reminded me of smoothies made from the acai berry with a similar thick texture and purple color.

Aronia juice on a small metal table outside on the grass

Daehuijae Café is especially enjoyable on a warm day when you can stroll along the water or visit the park, but if open during the winter, you could certainly still enjoy the view from a large round table by the window.

View of yard with tree and water and mountains in background at Daehuijae Café

It’s a nice change from the typical cafés in the city.

Feel free to comment below if you’ve been to Daehuijae Café or have anything to say or ask!

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