Wedding photo at cliffside

Dinosaur Footprints and Wedding Photos at Sangjogam Park

Address: 50-1, Deongmyeong-ri Hai-myeon, Goseong-gun

Dinosaur footprints are just one reason to go to Sangjogam Park. My wife and I felt it was beautiful enough for our wedding photos.

The Goseong Dinosaur Museum is also here. However, the Goseong Dinosaur World Expo is held at the Goseong Dinosaur Theme Park, about 45 minutes away.

You can drive to different areas of the park. On our latest visit, we parked in the new lot with the entrance marked by white sculptures in the shape of dinosaurs.

Entrance with white sculptures at Sangjogam Park

After parking and walking down the slope past a café toward the water, you’ll see some info boards and the beginning of the boardwalk.

Beginning of boardwalk at Sangjogam Park

A small beach is on the left.

As you walk along the boardwalk, you’ll soon come to various trails of dinosaur footprints in the rock formations below you.

Rock formations along the boardwalk

You can even take the stairs down and walk along the rocks where the footprints are. It’s pretty cool to be able to put your foot in the middle of dinosaurs’ footprints in their original location!

I like how there are signboards posted along the boardwalk that describe the science of the area, including the rocky sediments and the footprint fossilization. You don’t have to be inside a museum to learn! However, you certainly can spend time at the Goseong Dinosaur Museum onsite.

Here are some facts you may not know about Goseong in South Gyeongsang:


Dinosaur discoveries in Goseong and surrounding areas


Dinosaur Footprints in the Goseong area


Dinosaur Walking Trails around Goseong


Only dinosaur tracks in the world with perfect skin impressions found in and around Goseong

Eventually the boardwalk will lead up some stairs to a junction. Let’s proceed left and go down the stairs to my favorite part of this park!

The boardwalk goes up and around a cliff

After ascending and then descending the wooden stairs around the cliff, you can climb down a few layers of rocks to freely explore the open area along the water. Be careful as you walk, as it’s uneven and very slippery as you get to damp or wet surfaces.

The tall cliffsides against the calm water make for a dramatic view.

Alice standing against the cliff

We actually took our wedding photos here and came back almost exactly one year later to take a few pregnancy photos in the same place. Here are a few of our wedding photos:

It was super cold as both our wedding and pregnancy shoots were taken in the middle of winter here. Alice was a champ doing this with a dress! The nice part of it was there were not many people and it felt more like we had the place to ourselves. These photos are when Alice was pregnant with our son Noah:

The Goseong Dinosaur Museum is up on a hill. There is a fun slide to take back down.

A person going down a conveyor slide through circular metal rings with bushes on the sides and a covering overhead

If you are in this area, there are some great cafés to check out just a minute or two down the road with great views of the sea and coast, namely, The Wave and Repos Café.

There are more areas to explore here. I am sure you will love visiting here any time of the year!

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